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The construction of talent team is one of the main forces to promote the development of the company and advance enterprise core competition.

Ningbo Evergreat Company is striving to create a talent team which is innovative, adapt to the fierce competition of new century and has efficient management.

Ningbo Evergreat Company always implements people-oriented and insists the talent concept of “appoint people on their merit, discover able people and put them at suitable posts, and make full use of talents”. It sticks to the principle of “fair, just, open and transparent” in these respects of employment, training, encouragement of the talents and the performance mechanism. It also creates a good enterprise culture of mutual trust and respect for the development of employees.

Ningbo Evergreat Company respects and protects the profits of employees, and promotes the salary welfare and social security actively and steadily. The typical enterprise symbiotic culture creates a good atmosphere and wide career development opportunities for the talents, and also make the Evergreat’s “team spirit” and the idea of “common development between enterprise and employees” penetrate into the minds of all employees, so as to guarantee the increase of the personal development opportunities and welfare with that of the development of the company. Ningbo Evergreat Company can provide good salary, all-round welfare, perfect performance mechanism, wide development platform and a warm, happy, harmonious team work atmosphere. We hope you will join us!

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